Former Tech instructor provides ‘Silver lining’ for teachers - May 19, 2020

  I’m honored, The Ruston Daily Leader recently published an article about me.   Tuesday, May 19, 2020 “Debbie Silver spent three decades in education teaching everything from elementary up. Yet she may have missed her calling. That’s because many people feel that she’s funny — in fact, side-…more

A Time of Crisis or a Time For Kindness? - April 01, 2020

In light of the global pandemic, I decided to find ways I could spread light and joy. You can find a lot of my efforts on social media because…well, we’re not allowed to leave our homes. I’ve also been writing articles for a few publications. The following was…more

Classroom management

Classroom Management ‘Is All About Relationships’ - October 01, 2019

I was recently asked by Education Week “What are your best classroom-management tips?” You can read my full response along with some great advice from other professional educators and administrators in this article.   Classroom Management ‘Is All About Relationships’   Here is just a snippet: My husband is a…more

Renewing Our Excitement for This School Year - August 02, 2019

If you’re a new teacher, you are probably filled with overflowing anticipation for the upcoming school year. Unfortunately, some veteran teachers I know admit having a level of enthusiasm much less than when they started teaching. They say the reality of being overworked, under paid, and not appreciated…more

For Your Best School Year Ever — Take a Breath! - July 15, 2019

  Ah, when big box store aisles are teeming with school supplies, can the new year be far behind? As a teacher I had a love/hate relationship with this time of year. I was loathe to give up my calmer sleep-in mornings and my “no homework” summer evenings. …more

Create a Lasting Learning Experience - February 11, 2019

written for Debbie by Scott Silver   “…being human is a team sport. We cannot be fully human alone.” — Douglas Rushkoff, Team Human   Recently, in an unguarded moment from one of my toughest students, she explained to another teacher that she liked my class because she…more

THRIVE-ing in the New Year! - January 23, 2019

This article was recently published by Corwin Connect. Three Steps for Thrive-ing in the New Year! Surely most of us would like to move beyond merely surviving in the new year to THRIVING in every aspect of our lives. Let’s consider three specific things educators can do to spark…more

Cultivating Integrity in Middle School - August 20, 2018

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Is Middle School Teaching for You? - June 14, 2018

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Increasing Professional Capital In Education - April 14, 2018

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