I was recently asked by Education Week “What are your best classroom-management tips?” You can read my full response along with some great advice from other professional educators and administrators in this article.


Classroom Management ‘Is All About Relationships’


Here is just a snippet:

My husband is a second-career professor of marketing and management. Having virtually no training in education, he often asks me what to do about his classroom-management issues. I pause before answering, and he says resignedly, “Yeah, I know . . . (then mimics me), ‘What is my goal?’ ” I always start with that question because my belief is that every decision about classroom management should be designed to meet both the short-range aim of having a class run smoothly and the long-range goal of empowering students with competence and self-efficacy. A teacher’s management policy should be a well-thought-out system that maximizes the chance for everyone to learn while helping students develop self-discipline.

Every decision about the classroom from seating arrangements and bulletin boards to rules and procedures to instructional techniques and testing policies can be classified as a part of classroom management. Classroom management is all-encompassing and is a singularly vital topic for those in the teaching field. Writing “best tips” is challenging because there is so much to cover on the topic, but here are four basic recommendations.

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