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Fall Down 7 Times, Get Up 8:  How To Help Your Team Succeed

Do you ever ask yourself, “Just how am I supposed to motivate these employees?”  The real question, of course, is how do we help them to motivate themselves?  Based on extensive research for her new book on motivation, Dr. Debbie Silver offers surprising new findings about fundamental ways we can encourage team members to become more self-directed, resilient, and successful.  Dr. Silver provides an entertaining and fact-filled session on the most effective use of feedback with workers.  Laced with humor and practical applications, Debbie will have you laughing, thinking, and eager to try a proven approach to stimulating productivity.

Time: 1-3 Hours
Ideal For: All Employees, Leaders, Executives, Managers, Salespeople


Practicing “Safe Stress” – Finding Passion and Beating Burn-out

Do you and your team feel tired, over- burdened, and just about to snap?   You need Dr. Debbie Silver to the rescue.  With her trademark humor, Debbie presents simple but effective techniques on how to deal with burn-out and approach each workday with more energy and enthusiasm.  With hilarious examples and heartfelt stories, she relates to audiences and provides insights that are well researched and grounded in practicality.  You will learn, laugh, and leave with a myriad of ideas for approaching both work and personal situations in a more relaxed, productive way.

Time: 1-5 Hours
Ideal For: All Employees, Leaders, Executives, Managers, Salespeople

Because “Later” Never Comes-Time Management for Leaders & Professionals

This workshop tackles the serious business of time-management skills in a fun way with lots of laughs. Executives and employees are under constant pressure to t more into their schedules (both professionally and personally). Finding ways to prioritize your day, maintain your energy, and manage a variety of projects has become a core competency. It’s never too late to learn productivity, and this workshop is the perfect start.

Time: 1-3 Hours
Ideal For: All Employees, Leaders, Executives, Managers, Salespeople

Deliberate Optimism: Building a Positive Professional Culture

In this informative, humorous workshop, Dr. Debbie Silver addresses the foundations of teamwork, along with proven techniques for building cooperation within a group and repairing damaged relationships. It is a must for audiences in organizations that are trying to achieve ambitious goals in the future. There is no such thing as success in an organization without teamwork, and this session is centered on steps leaders can take to foster the right kind of environment within any group or company. Whether you’re looking to build team spirit or restore camaraderie, this workshop can show you the way.

Time: 1-3 Hours
Ideal For: All Employees, Leaders, Executives, Managers, Salespeople

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