“How do I encourage my students to stay engaged and focused on learning?” - February 04, 2015

Welcome to second semester and my second newsletter!  By now each of you has “hit the ground running” after the holidays as you prepare for projects, grade reports, and the all consuming TESTS.  A common question teachers have during the winter months is, “How do I encourage my…more

Reflections of a Former Alliterate Reader - April 12, 2014

By Debbie Silver (first published on the International Reading Teacher Association’s Reading Today Online Website,  April, 2013) I am writing this as a confession. For the first twenty-five years of my life I cannot recall ever voluntarily reading an entire book. I’ve always been enamored by a good plotline when…more

Thank a Teacher…and those who support them… - February 14, 2012

This article was recently published on Middle Web. Thank a Teacher – and Their Families Too!