Dedra’s Keynotes

Dedra’s sessions are designed to compliment Debbie’s presentations and research. Her session are a perfect fit for embedded days with Debbie’s presentations as the kick-off and closing celebration for the year.

Teaching Kids to Thrive: Building the Other Essential Skills for Success

This keynote address is upbeat, motivational and informative. It can be a presented as a one hour keynote to a full day session.

In order for students to thrive in their frenzied, fast-paced, hyper-connected environments, it is imperative for them to learn important non-cognitive competencies .  This keynote addresses how teachers can help students develop the skills of social and emotional learning .  Topics include self-regulation, self-efficacy, perseverance, resilience and optimism, responsibility, mindfulness, collaboration, communication, empathy, and gratitude.

Reaching and Teaching the Digital Learner

This keynote address is upbeat, motivational and informative. It can be a presented as a one hour keynote to a full day session.

The Digital Natives are not the students of the past. They learn and think differently which means teachers must learn to teach differently. In this keynote, Dedra will show teachers how to speak the language, use the tools, and make learning relevant to the 21st Century. Blogs, wikis, and web 2.0 will be explained and showcased. Done well, technology can be an awesome tool in the classroom, but it is not always easy! That’s why teachers need to sometimes be motivated to rise to the challenge by grabbing the attention of the video game generation and helping them use the tech skills of their future! (Keynote or all day Session) 

The Happy Teacher: 5 Secrets to a ‘Stress-Less’ Education Career

This keynote address is a light-hearted look at education and personal health and wellness. The presentation format is high energy and can be presented in a 45-60 min format.

In the high stakes testing classrooms of today, teacher burnout is occurring more and more. Teachers need tools for teaching but they also need tools for managing the work-life balance of staying happy and fulfilled. Come laugh, learn, and find your HAPPY TEACHER again. (Keynote or Session) 

The “Best Stuff”  is in the Middle

This session will be full of energy and audience interaction and presented in 45min-60min formats.

Just like the Oreo cookie, middle level is where all the magic happens in education. A student’s journey is guided and misguided by the impact people have around them. Come in a celebrate with Dedra as she makes you laugh, cry and remember the best kept secret of education “The Best Stuff” is in the middle! (Keynote Only)

Dedra’s Sessions

These are just a few of the most popular sessions Dedra has. If there is something you are looking for that has not been presented, let us know! Dedra is happy to customize training to meet the needs of individual schools!

The sessions below can be combined together or with a keynote to become a full-day workshop

Self-Efficacy, Grit, and Mindset: The Keys to Academic Perseverance

Why do some students succeed during challenging times while others struggle?  Recent research points to fundamental ways educators can improve our teaching practices to help students develop perseverance and resilience.  Come learn about strategies to help both the students who demonstrate learned helplessness as well as those who exhibit a sense of entitlement.  The presenter will provide a myriad of ideas, strategies, and tools for helping students “stay the course” in both their academics and their lifelong goals.

Lean In and Learn: Teaching with Your Standards in Mind from State Standards to Common Core

In this session, Dedra will customize a session based on the Common Core or your state standards. She will highlight lessons, activities, and practical tips to help teachers use their standards and the resources that are everywhere to get students motivated. Covering the curriculum is easy, but getting your students to LEAN IN is how you get them to LEARN! This session is full of practical strategies, lesson ideas, and activities that teachers can implement in class on Monday!

Differentiated Instruction – The Nuts and Bolts of It

DI is a foundation of classroom instruction that will allow teachers to stop teaching to the middle and start teaching in a reflective professional way. The tenets of DI practices are easy to understand but implementation is something teachers need help with. This session is an overview of the DI concept along with practical strategies and examples of the components in the classroom from flexible grouping to exit tickets. Teachers will listen, learn, and collaborate about the ins and outs of creating opportunities for learning using DI.

Differentiated Instruction – The Management of It

Once a teacher understands how DI works and all it has to offer, then the next step is, “how will I control the classroom?” This session is focused on classroom management of a DI lesson along with the pitfalls and successes that can happen along the way.(Can be combined with the DI Nuts and Bolts session)

Helping Students Own Their Education

The research is showing what we have known all along. Students need intrinsic motivation to truly be successful. Based on the book by Debbie Silver “Fall Down 7 Times, Get Up 8” Dedra will lead teachers in research based discussions about the need for thinking and collaborating classrooms that allow students to take ownership of their learning. Dedra will help show teachers fundamental ways to adjust teaching practices that will help kids become self-motivated, critical thinking, “life-long learners”.

iPad in Education: Out of the Box and into Our Schools

This full day workshop will take the participants from the basics of operation into the hands-on real applications for educators. After the basics are covered, the workshop will highlight every day uses of the iPad for principals, teachers, or students (dependant on the audience) The workshop will give participants hands on experience using apps, forms, and tools that are specifically useful for the educational field. Whether you want to use iPads as an administrator, teacher, or student, this workshops is designed to help you be more productive, connected, and tech savvy.

iLearn, iRemember and iPad….. Using technology to Engage Today’s Learner

“Whatever it Takes” is the motto for keeping the multitasked generation active and engaged in our classrooms. Come in and learn what tools are out there for iPads and iPods to facilitate learning, collaborating, and creating. This session is always changing as the best apps have yet to be released! Bring your own device to this session for a hands-on experience.

Teach This…. Not That: Integrating Technology into the Classroom

Technology is ever-present, touching almost every part of our lives, but sometimes schools struggle when it comes to integrating technology into the classroom in a meaningful way. The potential tech offers for teaching, learning, and authentic engagement is real and not as hard as one might think. This session will focus on how to twist a non-tech lesson into a lesson that supports curriculum while seamlessly integrating technology.  We will go beyond the 20 min computer lab full of test prep and math games to real honest discussion on what it means to add technology into a lesson. “Teach This…. Not That” will help you transform your lessons and move from a traditional classroom to a 21st century learning center.

Take Classroom Involvement to the Next Level w/ Smart Boards , SMART Teachers and SMART Students!

Is the Interactive white board in your classroom/building used as a fancy overhead? Smart Boards can be used as more than just “Write and Wipe,” if you know the capabilities. We often provide our teachers with the initial “where the buttons are” training for Smart boards, but they need the next step of training that shows how to take this new tool and get the most student involvement out of the technology. In this session, we will use the Smart Board© Software and simple classroom interactive principles to get students raising their hands, raising their scores, and truly interacting with the board/instruction like never before. Smart Boards+ Smart Teachers= Smart Students.

Flipping Classrooms: More Valuable than Flipping Real Estate

Have you heard the new term “flipping”?  Would you like to see just how it could work in your classroom?  This session is presented in a mocked flipped format where you will get to see how a flipped classroom might look, as you learn the components on flipping.  We will cover the basics of the flipped concept and then work as a collaborative team during the session to make a plan for all classrooms. Flipping will help you find more time for assessments and help kids think critically. Bring an open mind to this session and you’ll walk away with a whole new perspective on flipping!

Web 2.0 Tools of Classroom Collaboration

The next generation of the web is the new web 2.0. Collaboration websites cater to the on- demand, video game generation of today. See how these sites can work in the classroom. Move your class into the future and out of the past with Voice Thread, Wikis, Blogs, and the ever-popular QR Codes. See how you can learn, teach, and assess student learning all with this and many more great websites.

Classroom Management: The Real Secret to Success!

Set aside the vision board and the meditation tapes the real “secret to success” is classroom management and relationships. Best practices like DI, technology, and RTI are all great ONCE YOU MASTER CLASSROOM MANAGEMENT. New teachers and veteran teachers must attend this session. You will keep your sanity, once you learn effective management systems, partner plans, teacher timesavers and much, much more. Come in and bring a pencil; you will want to write this stuff down! (This Session is best when ½ day to full day in length)

101 Student Motivation Strategies

With all the texting, moving, and multitasking in the world, how do you really expect students to come in, sit down, and be motivated to learn? This session will give teachers new tools for motivating students in the classroom. This is an active session that is focused on formative assessment and collaborative learning strategies for any classroom. Ok so we may not cover 101 Strategies…. But we will cover tons!  After this session your students will come in and be engaged and eager to learn, all you need is a few new tricks for your classroom toolbox.

Very Pinteresting! Classroom Ideas You Will LOVE

Pinterest is the highly addicting do anything site where people across the globe share, pin, and learn new ideas on just about ANY topic, including EDUCATION. Great teachers (just like you) are pinning ideas from classroom management to organization and everything in between. In this session, we will overview the site Pinterest but more importantly, Dedra will share 101 (well maybe not that many) ideas that are classroom tested and teacher approved. You will want to bring a pencil to this session, because the classroom ideas will be too good to miss!

TEAM-A-NOMICS: The little things teams do to achieve BIG!

What makes a good team? A good team name, a celebration, or luck? Teams are an important part of school but great teams are no accident. Teaming must be done with purpose. If you are not careful, teams will become a group of people in the same hall and team meetings will be nothing more than a glorified complaint session. This session will help you create organization & time management in a fast-paced environment. Get on task & productively focused on the goals of your team and go from blah, blah, blah to Wow we really ROCK!

Reading for Meaning- How to Motivate Students to Read

With all the texting, moving, and multitasking in the world, how do you really expect students to come in, sit down, and read the text and COMPREHEND? Students need a little more than “read this passage” to get them focused on a classroom textbook in this day. This session will give teachers new tools for motivating students to read the text for meaning. Your students will come in and be engaged on the task at hand, all you need is a few new tricks for your classroom toolbox.